Maintenance & Warranty


The finest materials and workmanship are used in the construction of Grant mandolins to give decades of musical pleasure.

Finish: Each instrument is finished with hand rubbed French polish made with “blond” shellac.

Timber: Only well seasoned, stable species are used. Local North Queensland timbers are preferred when applicable.


Your Grant mandolin or mandola has been strung with strings appropriate to the instrument. If you choose to restring with heavier or lighter strings, please be aware that it may be necessary to rework the saddle and/or the nut. Alterations are not covered by your warranty.

Take Care

Protect the instrument from extremes of cold or heat. Do not leave the instrument exposed to intense sunlight or in a closed motor vehicle on a hot day.

When traveling by air or storing for an extended period of time, loosen the string tension.

Shield the finish from exposure to alcohol, liquids, acids (such as sweat) and hard or abrasive surfaces or substances.


Each Grant mandolin is covered by a limited warranty to the original purchaser for life (of the purchaser and of the maker – Robert Grant) against defective materials or workmanship.

This warranty does not cover normal wear, or damage as a result of accident, abuse, heavy strings, over tightening the truss rod or exposure to extreme temperature or humidity. Unauthorized repairs or alterations may void this warranty.

Shipping to and from the authorized repairer to be prepaid by the owner and at owner’s risk.